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Procrastination Station

If you know me at all…and those of you who’ve read these posts I would say know me pretty well…then you must know that I’m the Procrastination Queen.  If I haven’t stressed that enough in these lines, then just trust … Continue reading

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Open Letter to the Federal Communications Commission

July 30, 2010 Dear Mr. FCC: What do we have to do to get you to stop allowing “adult” content commercials to air on network and basic cable channels during regular day and evening time programming?  This has gotten ridiculous.  I have 4 … Continue reading

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Seven things (not) to do with 4 kids…the financial and emotional cost calculator.

It’s a struggle to come up with ideas for things to do when you have such a large family to keep everyone entertained and occupied, other than video games, movie rentals and television.  Here’s some examples of things I’ve tried … Continue reading

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I hate stupid.

I say this all the time.  I hate stupid people.  This implies that I have an intolerance for people with an IQ that is less than mine.  That is not the case.  I hate stupid. People with really low IQs don’t know … Continue reading

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That’s my face.

I was born with a down-turned mouth and pouty baby lips.  Blonde hair, blue eyes and this mouth made me adorable (as I recall).  I kinda looked like this kid, whom you’ve probably never heard of.  I got this facial … Continue reading

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My kids aren’t bad…they are just ACTIVE.

You may not realize it…but it’s almost impossible to tell whether a high-pitched scream came from a 5 year old boy or a 4 year old girl.  When I am untimely summoned into a room by something that sounds like … Continue reading

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I love my children.  Really, I do.  They keep me sane and crazy all at the same time.  If you have a child/children, you know what I mean.  I have a reason to get out of bed everyday, and I … Continue reading

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