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Technology, Schmecknology

I used to be the “go-to girl” when it came to electronic device set-up and usage.  There was a time when how-to-use anything that plugged into a wall socket was within my grasp and control.  I could set up any computer … Continue reading

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School and kids and me (revisited)

I was informed by my 12 year old daughter last night, after reading a few select blog posts of mine to her, that I do not mention her enough, and when I do, it’s usually mean. So, look for a few special … Continue reading

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Confesion del Jueves (Confession Thursday) 8/26/10

Yay! It’s Confession Thursday again! Thanks to all who shared last Thursday. It was pointed out to me by YaYa that I may have overshot the lead-in confession, and made everyone feel overwhelmed at trying to top me. I’ll have … Continue reading

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Auto Reply: Out of the Office (2)

Since I did three dad-blamed posts yesterday, I’m taking the day off. I had to get four children ready to leave the house before I could go to work for the first time in 3 months. By 8:15, I felt … Continue reading

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What’s Your Name? Don’t Lie to Me, I’ll Find Out Who You Are.

Bill Cosby said it best. It’s hard to remember your kids’ names sometimes. Especially when chaos erupts in my house, and I’m required to perform lightning fast thinking and speaking skills to keep everyone and everything in line, or things … Continue reading

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How (Not) to Clean Your House

Chores are important for a child’s self-esteem, sense of responsibility and experience with a feeling of accomplishment of a job well done. My kids have chores. Ask them, and they will tell you that they are responsible for doing EVERYTHING … Continue reading

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Everything Happens for a Reason

Bullshit. Everything most certainly does NOT happen for a reason. People only say this to you when you are discouraged because things are going badly. I know the intent is good, but the saying implies that you being led down … Continue reading

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