Auto Reply: Out of the Office (2)

Since I did three dad-blamed posts yesterday, I’m taking the day off. I had to get four children ready to leave the house before I could go to work for the first time in 3 months. By 8:15, I felt like I had already done three days worth of work, and all I wanted to do was go home and go to bed. But, alas, to work I must go, since my plan to become independently wealthy hasn’t panned out yet. Mostly because I don’t have a plan.

Anyway, hope you are all thinking about Confession Thursday. I’m not gonna start it off with something as outrageous as last week’s confession, so as to encourage you guys to share your own.

And remember, we don’t judge one another on Confession Thursday. Any other day is fair game.


About zohrbak

Zohrbak is an old email username I had a while's a made-up twist on two characters from Spaceghost. Zorak and Brak. I'm a geek. I am a married, working mother of 4 children, ages 4-15. I also have interests outside of my children, but I can never remember what they are.
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2 Responses to Auto Reply: Out of the Office (2)

  1. Pat says:

    Enjoy the day off because, alas, tomorrow is another day. Re: Confession Thursday: I must have had a really boring life or something because I can think of nothing to top your confession from last week. (Well, I can, but it can’t be written down anywhere, since I have children reading your blogs)

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