THE PLAN…or is it?

Nearly three weeks ago, a meeting was called (by me) with all the respective ‘Heads of State’ for the purpose of the formation of a “Little B’s Behavior Task Force” which resulted in a swift plan of action (hereafter sometimes referred to as “THE PLAN”), and a Behavior Contract (which is legal and binding in at least 7 U.S. States, but Louisiana is not one of them because a 5 year old cannot legally enter into a contract in Louisiana).  That was a Thursday.  Little B was informed of THE PLAN and told that it was effective immediately.  While the school was hesitant to start paddling him, they were more than happy to notify us when one was necessary, and we would get to school immediately and oblige their request, without question.  On Saturday, I sent a curious email to Little B’s teacher, since I hadn’t gotten a note about the day before, wondering if she’d noticed a difference in his behavior.  I didn’t get a response.

Now, to be sure, Little B has come home EVERY day with grandiose reports of how GREAT he has been behaving at school.  It sounded suspicious, from the start, for such stellar results to come without actions, but only warnings.  From experience, I tend not to believe every word that comes out of my 5 year old son’s mouth, though I wanted to with every ounce of my being.  

So, still not having received a response to my email…I sent another one last Thursday, asking for the same information. Thirty minutes later, I got a phone call from the Principal.  She said that it was time to “call their bluff”.  In other words, it was time for someone to come spank him.  He was sitting in the hallway, refusing to re-enter his classroom despite numerous requests and instructions.  I also gleaned from the conversation that they have, in fact, continued to have some “issues” with his behavior, but they were trying to deal with them on their own.  

Why did they wait TWO FULL WEEKS from the Geneva Convention to initiate THE PLAN?  OR, at the very LEAST, send me home a note to let me know what was going on?  Or an email?  Or a letter by pony express, or federal express, or express mail?  Or ANYTHING?

I don’t think it’s too much to ask for an update on his behavior, since there’s a PLAN now and I would like to know how his little brain is reacting to THE PLAN.  

But, who knows, maybe THE PLAN is to keep loudmouth mommy out of the loop so that she can’t complain on the internet about things. 

This is a prime example of one of the problems that I have with the school system.  Communication is less than desirable.  Expectations for parents seem lower than the expectations for the kids.  Words are just words, and once you walk out of a room, the words just disappear.

P.S.  Little B did get a visit at school from his father at the principal’s request. He did get the spanking that was promised by US, without question, at the request of the school. I’m only asking for some communication and feedback, which was overflowing when there were more questions and problems than answers to go around. Now that we’ve got THE PLAN, I’d appreciate some COMMUNICATION. 

P.S.S.  I am showing signs of self-restraint.  I edited the contents of this post about 4 times to redact as much inflammatory information as humanly possible.  



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Zohrbak is an old email username I had a while's a made-up twist on two characters from Spaceghost. Zorak and Brak. I'm a geek. I am a married, working mother of 4 children, ages 4-15. I also have interests outside of my children, but I can never remember what they are.
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5 Responses to THE PLAN…or is it?

  1. Denise Adams says:

    I think it sucks that they didn’t respond to your emails, etc. I have to say that my situation has gotten better. I have learned NOT to send notes to Kenzie’s teacher through her….the note never makes it to the classroom….she don’t know what happens to it….just disappears! We now have each other’s email addresses and talk frequently. I hope things get better for you!

  2. YaYa says:

    Kudos on the signs of self-restraint. Sorry to hear about the frustration and lack of communication, which is in no way going to benefit, Little B.

  3. ZOHRMOM says:

    Glad to see it all spelled out so maybe, just maybe, someone at that school will catch on or catch up. When you removed all the previous comments which according to the principal were negative (oh my!) I think they thought you had bowed to their request to cease and desist. I think you are correct in your assessment that they cleared their minds of your PLAN as soon as you left. Sad to say, they may really think you and Zohrhubby did not really mean it when you both took the time to meet with them for his benefit.
    I think perhaps they are so used to parents who want teachers that do nothing except babysit their children all day and not necessarily teach anything, that they may not be able to comprehend parents who actually do care.
    Care about the teacher, the principal and most especially about the welfare of the child.
    What a collosal waste of little B’s brain and skills which, given the chance, could help the teacher immensely with the rest of the class.

  4. zohrsis says:

    It seems to me like maybe some people in the school system have the same problem that they blame some parents of having…being too lazy to make an effort when something (or someone) proves to be difficult.

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