Finally. Some Good News.

It’s time for some good news, since you’ve all listened to me bitch and moan and throw tantrums for the past three months, I’d like to share:

Firstly, thank goodness this morning went so smoothly (not as depicted by my 15 minute lateness to work this morning.)  I was just so busy basking in the glory, that I lost track of the time.  My stupid alarm clock woke me up after two snoozes, which put me a little behind, but I managed to get Big E up on time, and Little B was so excited about his show-and-tell box and getting to wear a pink shirt to school today that he just bounced around and sang Justin Bieber songs all morning (Baby, baby, baby…oooohhhh…Baby, baby, baby…..noooooo).  Big E was pretty perturbed by the fact that Little B has been “Bieber Exposed”, but whaterya gonna do?  I managed to find pink shirts and crisp $1 bills for 3 out of four kids, since today was “Bring a dollar for Breast Cancer Awareness and Wear a Pink Shirt” day at their schools.  Of course, Big E flatly refused to participate in such a blatant expression of both feminism AND charity.  Everyone caught their bus in a timely fashion and I was left with only getting myself ready while avoiding stepping on my co-dependent dog, Daisy…ER, UM, I mean…Zohrdoggy.  She follows me around whimpering after the kids leave, as though to express her sorrow that they have, once again, vanished into thin air, and her anxiety that today might be the day that they fail to reappear in the late afternoon.  Zohrdoggy is very cute, but she’s very high maintenance.   I have a cat too.  Her name is Ocho.  Well, her full name is “Octavo Hija de puta en vida debajo del tejado.”  (Spanish [loosely] translated to: The Eighth Asshole Living Under My Roof).  I named her this when Zohrhubby brought me home a cat when I was already overwhelmed by four children and a dog.  AND I was politically opposed to cats.  And she was already named taco or nacho or something like that, and so since she was a spanish-speaking cat, I changed it to a spanish name that meant something to me.  We just call her Ocho now, and Zohrhubby doesn’t really know why.  I also kicked her out last winter after my youngest was suspected of contracting cat scratch disease and had to have surgery to remove a lymph node to rule out malignancy.  Yeah.  No. Cat. In. The. House.

The other good news is (I’m sorry I got so off-track):

I absolutely LOVE my new job.  You wouldn’t think it would be that much of a difference since I work the same hours, drive to the same office and sit in the same room (albeit a different desk).  But it is so awesome I can’t stand myself.  My boss is a workaholic.  He takes care of his business.  My job is to keep his business straight and type his business.  Some days, the typing is very heavy.  (Which I admit is kind of hard on my physically).  But other days it’s very light.  But the stress level is SOOOO much better. 

Thought I’d share the good news.  Thanks for listening.  


About zohrbak

Zohrbak is an old email username I had a while's a made-up twist on two characters from Spaceghost. Zorak and Brak. I'm a geek. I am a married, working mother of 4 children, ages 4-15. I also have interests outside of my children, but I can never remember what they are.
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7 Responses to Finally. Some Good News.

  1. Aimee says:

    THats awesome that you love your new job. And one other bonus: You aren’t expected to sleep with your boss like I am. Of course, I don’t really think of him much as a boss. But some days I pet his ego by doing at least one thing he asks in a timely fashion, but most days that doesnt’ happen. I mean, I cant have him thinking he’s the BOSS OF ME.

    So, anyway, see, one more thing to like about your job.

  2. ZOHRMOM says:

    Wonderful. Glad you are happy!

  3. Aimee says:

    I SUPPOSE I should let those who don’t know, that I work with my HUSBAND. 😛

  4. YaYa says:

    Glad to hear all is well on the home and job fronts & I hate Justin Bieber. Just wanted to get that on record. I too love my job. I have cable TV, no stress (most-times) & work with a bunch of men, whose ego’s I thankfully don’t have to pet. If ya’ll think women have drama, you should hear these men…drama..drama..drama, but being female I am not required to participate. Love it!

  5. zohrsis says:

    I don’t even know who Justin Bieber is. Yayy!! And an even bigger Yayyyyy that you love your new job!

  6. Dear Ms. Zohrbak,
    Mother Hen is so glad that your new job is working out so well!
    Loved the pink shirts on the chicklets! Chickens also place a lot of importance on healthy breasts.
    Positively yours,
    Mother Hen

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