Hobbies? I used to have hobbies.

I’m jealous of people who have hobbies and passions.  Well, some of them.  I didn’t think I really had any hobbies, until I saw the following list.  Apparently, sleeping is a hobby.  No wonder it came in the top 50 by popularity. 

Top 50 hobbies (by popularity) as reported by notsoboringlife.com:

  • Reading   (I used to read books.  Now it’s mostly online things)
  • Watching TV   (I watch entirely too much tv now that I have a DVR)
  • Family Time   (Lord knows!)
  • Going to Movies   (Love it)
  • Fishing   (Not even)
  • Computer   (Too much during the week to go there on the weekends)
  • Gardening   (What?)
  • Renting Movies   (And not returning them on time)
  • Walking   (From my car to my house)
  • Exercise    (bahaa haaha hahha!)
  • Listening to Music   (Yeah!)
  • Entertaining   (my kids)
  • Hunting   (for the fingernail clippers)
  • Team Sports   (does “choosing sides” count?)
  • Shopping  (for fun stuff, certainly not for necessities, like food…or toilet paper)
  • Traveling (ONE DAY!)
  • Sleeping (SEE?!  That’s crazy.  But I’m in!)
  • Socializing (via Facebook)
  • Sewing (I brought my sewing machine to my mother so now she has to do it)
  • Golf (Dumb)
  • Church Activities (Okay!)
  • Relaxing (Again, this is a hobby…really? Awesome!)
  • Playing Music (I used to be a DJ, does that count?)
  • Housework (Omigosh)
  • Crafts (NO!)
  • Watching Sports (Only on Superbowl Sunday…and honestly that’s mostly for the commercials)
  • Bicycling (I’m too scared of crashing now.  Old people’s bones break, and that’s not cool)
  • Playing Cards (Love it)
  • Hiking (Unless the word “Hitch” is in front of this, I’m not doing it!)
  • Cooking (sad)
  • Eating Out (Glad!)
  • Woodworking (I wish I could do this.  I built a leaning table once, and put my microwave on it.  Eventually it fell over)
  • Swimming (No, thank you.  See also: Exercise)
  • Camping (Never!)
  • Skiing (Not coordinated enough to water ski, and snow skiing combines my least favorite three things: heights, frigidly-cold weather, and cardio)
  • Working on Cars (Nah)
  • Writing (Newbie)
  • Boating (Don’t get me started.  Remind me to tell you about our boat)
  • Motorcycling (I’m still holding a grudge about the motorcycle, remind me to tell you about THAT one day too)
  • Animal Care (I make Tween C bathe the dog and I make YaYa clip her nails when she comes over)
  • Bowling (Nah)
  • Painting (Tried this once, I pretty much suck at it)
  • Running (Only if I’m being car jacked)
  • Dancing (I used to love dancing, now I only like it if “with the Stars” comes after)
  • Horseback Riding (I don’t even hardly much think so)
  • Tennis (Dumbest game EV-ER, unless you put the word “table” in front)
  • Theater (Like)
  • Billiards (I’m a total pool shark, and I love to beat boys)
  • Beach (I hate sand and salt water, and the sun burns my flesh)
  • Volunteer Work (Like)

    Who knew I had so many hobbies?!  And since stuff like “sleeping” and “relaxing” made an official list, then I have a few more to add:

    1. Breathing  (I probably do this more than any other thing.  It’s a pretty important part of my day.)

    2. Bathing/Showering (I do this on a pretty regular basis)

    3.  Drinking coffee (If eating out counts as a hobby, then so does this)

    4.  Engaging in a battle of wills (Lest you forget, I have four oppositional darling children and a control freak loving husband)

    5.  Texting (Because it beats the hell out of getting up off the couch and telling Big E its time to turn off the xbox at 10:00 p.m.)

    6.  Running interference (Don’t be confused by this.  I do not run.  This term is used in a more visceral sense in this instance) between ZH and the Zohrchildren.

    7.  Looking up random medical information on the internet.  (This borders on–but does not encroach upon–an OCD / Hypochondria type of thing.)

    8.   Two words:  You Tube. 

    So, now that I’ve shared, let’s hear it.  Tell me about your hobbies.


    About zohrbak

    Zohrbak is an old email username I had a while back...it's a made-up twist on two characters from Spaceghost. Zorak and Brak. I'm a geek. I am a married, working mother of 4 children, ages 4-15. I also have interests outside of my children, but I can never remember what they are.
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    3 Responses to Hobbies? I used to have hobbies.

    1. Dear Ms. Z.,
      Mother Hen knits and watches TV, as you know.
      Surely it does not need to be stated that as “The World’s Foremost Typing Chicken” Mother H also writes.
      Other less celebrated accomplishments include:
      — flossing her beak
      — painting her claws (which involves a balancing act that would make those Cirque d’Soleil people jealous)
      — chasing Junior Rooster around the yard and wrestling him to the ground
      — making popcorn aka cooking
      — having unsuccessful lawn sales
      — brewing a good cup of tea, which qualifies as an art form
      — playing in a handclaw choir (in progress)
      — doing a mean chicken dance at weddings
      — starting conspiracy theories
      — laying eggs (duh!)
      — learning to fly from her friend Ms. Fracas, a Canadian goose (also in progess)(http://fracas.wordpress.com), whom you really should meet if you haven’t already
      Busily yours,
      Mother Hen

    2. Aimee Earl says:

      I had to SIGN IN, LOL, to leave a comment today. Guess it may be bc I’m on my Mom’s ‘puter. LOLOL….like I’m a stranger here or something.

      ANYHOO….I pretty much do all the stuff you don’t do. lol. Well, and most of the stuff you do do as well.

      I don’t really consider some of those things HOBBIES. Like, some just dont qualify in my mind. Like sleeping. Now sports and gardening, yeah, I’ll say those should be in the list. Hobbies, in my own mind, are ACTIVITIES that you do, which are not required by anyone or anything, but that you -important- ENJOY. Exercise is not really a hobby. I do it so that I feel good doing other hobby type activities, but I don’t just love doing it. Cooking…I DO it, but I AIN”T enjoying it at all.

      AS for my own “hobbies”, I just sort of do what comes up. I wouldnt say I am passionate about any one activity for long enough to call it a hobby. I’m a “oh, that sounds fun…lets do that” kind of girl. I go through phases with stuff, but then I grow bored and do another hobby type activity. Generally, I do stuff long enough to A: establish that I really suck at it (& I give up quickly….like skateboarding for instance) or B: prove to myself that I did the activity long enough to become pretty good at it, so why keep doing it? Challenge over, lets move on.

      I”m not picky or restrictive. I LIKE to do all kinds of things. Most things are fun, even if only for a little while. So, I’m pretty open to anything. So, if considering inviting me to do something, dont worry about whether I’ll like it. I probably will, I just might get tired of it before you do. Or….conversely, I might wear you out. Just depends. My husband is more of the 5-star kind of guy too…when we go on vacations with the kids you will likely find him in a chair somewhere while I am playing with the kids, like one of the kids. I am genuinely interested in nearly everything, so there is no telling what I will find to do. So many cool things to try in the world.

    3. YaYa says:

      I envy people who truly have a hobby. I don’t have one. I periodically think, I can start collecting stuff, like those people who collect frogs, or angels, or any other type of small figurine. They spend all there spare time (which I have none of) and spare money (which, I also have none of) decorating their homes, offices, vehicles. You get my picture. So, I guess if I had lots of extra time and money I would cook. I love to cook, it relaxes me and I am very pleased to see the smile on people’s faces when they eat what I cook. I would love to own my own restaurant….

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