Tell Me The Story Tuesday

I have passed about three people on the street this past week who would have been primo subjects for a May I Take Your Photo? Friday post, but alas, I drive too fast and traffic is too finicky for me to have stopped and taken advantage of these opportunities.

So, I had another idea, after seeing a lady walking down the road this morning.  My first reaction was, “Day-Um!  There HAD to be a story there!”

So, let me tell you what I saw, and then I want YOU to tell ME the story:

Walking down the sidewalk, on a busy street approaching downtown, I saw a black lady, appearing to be in her 60s and approximately 5’2″ tall.  She was wearing a crisp white cotton dress that came down below her knees but not quite to her ankles, shiny white patent leather flats and a gigantic white “Steel Magnolias” looking southern belle hat.  The kind of hat that looks like it should be the centerpiece at a wedding reception.

Sha Zam!

She also had on a extra-large mens white t-shirt over her dress, with multi-color marker writing all over it.  You know, the kind like you see kids leaving junior high wearing home from their last day of school, with their friends’ signatures scribbled all over it.  And, to top it all off, she was carrying a basketball perched atop her right hand, elbow bent and cupped up next to her face.  I watched her walk for nearly a block this way as I approached her. 

GO!   (And remember to give as many useless details about the name and back ground of this person and the events leading up to and culminating in the sight I had this morning).


About zohrbak

Zohrbak is an old email username I had a while's a made-up twist on two characters from Spaceghost. Zorak and Brak. I'm a geek. I am a married, working mother of 4 children, ages 4-15. I also have interests outside of my children, but I can never remember what they are.
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8 Responses to Tell Me The Story Tuesday

  1. Mare says:

    I believe she might be on her way to take vacation and she wanted to make sure her perdy white dress didn’t get dirty on the plane, so that was the reason for the tee shirt. She was carrying the basketball just in case the plane crashed so she would have a floatation device and she could have a friend with her to talk with just like Tom Hanks did in Castaway.

  2. zohrbak says:


    LOL. Good one.

  3. Miz Tiz says:

    Well, she’s obviously on the way to church, or to an Eastern Star meeting. My guess is church because of the basketball, which she is either returning or donating. The large men’s shirt is a protective device, to keep road dirt and grime from blowing on her starched white dress…………..she is going to somehow be involved with the youth when she gets there………..thus the basketball and the shirt, which will be used for art class and games.

    But you are soooooo right about there had to be a story there somewhere!

  4. ChaseK8 says:

    Her name is Bertha and she lives on a quiet street in a quaint little house that she shares with her son (Tyree) after the death of her husband a few years back. Her husband had spent many years working hard as a miner, and after his sudden and unexpected death during a collapse in the mine, she relocated to the area from Georgia.

    The little house she purchased for her son with the life insurance money is in desperate need of repair, it has leaky faucets, worn out carpeting, and flora wallpaper. It also has an attic that is packed full of stuff from the past.

    On this particular day Bertha had decided that it was time to tackle the clutter in the attic, much of these items had belonged to her mother and had been stuffed in boxes, bags and trunks to be long forgotten. As she began sorting she discovered her mothers modest wedding dress, a simple white cotton gown that had skimmed the floor on her tiny framed parent, but barely stretched past her knees.. She found a shirt that had once belonged to her her, a large man, that was covered in signatures of fellow miners. The shirt had been a gift to him during his bachelor party many years before. She found a stunning old hat that she remembered her grandmother wearing to church every Sunday when she was a child. She put each item on with care and allowed the smell and memories to overwhelm her senses. Pairing them with her favorite shoes, the same shoes she wore to her high-school prom, she stood and stared at her image in the mirror. She looked ridiculous, she knew that, but she felt good, and the memories that these items induced made her smile…

    The phone downstairs rang, it was her son calling from school, he had forgotten his ‘lucky basketball’ and his game was starting any minute.. He begged her to please hurry and bring it. Knowing how important this ball, and game, was to her son she grabbed the ball from under the table and headed out the door dressed in the strange array of clothing she had uncovered in the attic… as she walked she hid her face behind the basket ball in the hopes that no one would recognize her… just as she was nearing the school she noticed someone staring at her from across the street….

  5. spiceblogger says:

    Fantastic story telling!!!!

  6. Val Klein says:

    Oh MY! I want to justhug Bertha! Whata great mom!

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