Beat-Boxin’ and the Undertow

Little A has a new talent.  You know Little A, my La-La, rainbows and butterflies and UNICORNS AND GLITTER! IT’S SO FLUFFY AND CUTE!  Her new talent is a bit out of character…and I’m not even sure where she picked it up:  Beat-boxing.  She does this spitting-and-groaning thing non-stop around the house.  And sometimes she will mix-in all Fresh-Prince style some jibberish that sounds like it could be song-like.  The other night, she was doing the spittin’ thing in the kitchen while I was washing dishes.  She stopped and then instructed me on what I had to do.  “Mom!  When I do the beat boxin’ (she rarely enunciates the “g” on the ends of words…as in ‘Mama, you are funny lookin’!’) you say cool words.  Okay?”  I agreed to do just that.  She started the beat, threw in some cool moves to boot, and then when she got wound up and gave me the “look” with her eyebrows I hollered, “COOL WORDS!”  “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!  That’s not RIGHT!”  The next time around, when given further and more specific directions, on cue, I shouted, “Little A is my baby and I love her so much…she’s sweet like candy and such.”  This only angered her more.  I thought it was clever.  She corrected me.  Apparently beat-boxin’ requires the use of male-oriented cool phrases.  Think: ‘in my ride’ kinda stuff.  I told her I was not qualified to shout out such things, and that she’d have to have her daddy help her out from now on.

In other news, Teen C came home from Florida yesterday.  She went with Ya-Ya’s family, which includes her BFF, Tween A.  Ya-Ya had a rough week, methinks.  Apparently toting around a two year who has decided that he neither likes the sand or the water is no fun when that’s ALL THERE IS TO DO.  Additionally, she was constantly worried that the girls would meet their untimely demise via pedophile or undertow while under her care.  I understood this completely.  In fact, the entire time my kids and I were on vacay with Just Aimee and her boys, Aimee spent the whole time telling the kids “Sure!” and “Go ahead” while I sat behind her thinking about how Zohrhubby would kill me if one of the kids fell from a cliff and bashed their head on a rock.  The undertow of the ocean is just a metaphor for all of the unseen risks and dangers that our kids face when they walk out of our doors everyday.  If we spent all of our time worrying about what could happen to them, they’d end up hermits with no pigmentation to their skin.  I talk big, but I’m still scared as hell.   Thanks again, Ya-Ya for taking her along.  She had a fan-freakin’-tastic time. 

Tween A and Teen C. (And Little J's arm).

Next trip:  ADULT WOMEN ONLY.  I further declare by the powers vested in me (I am a Notary, after all) that the men shall take care of the chil’ren.  Beat THAT!

So, all of my birdies are back in my nest, for now.  And the decibel level just went right back up to “normal” at my house.  That is to say “normal” for my house, dear reader, not as compared to yours or the average human family.  🙂




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Zohrbak is an old email username I had a while's a made-up twist on two characters from Spaceghost. Zorak and Brak. I'm a geek. I am a married, working mother of 4 children, ages 4-15. I also have interests outside of my children, but I can never remember what they are.
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5 Responses to Beat-Boxin’ and the Undertow

  1. Just Aimee says:

    I literally laughed out lound, for quite a while, readying about Little A and the beatboxing. I have experienced this performance and can attest to its hilarity. She is so so funny! If its not beat boxing its ballet….bc, oh yeah, those two things go together. HA!

    As far as my kids doing things goes…., Ok, so I’m not much of an alarmist. Obviously, I DO worry about my kids, but I also think kids learn so much, not to mention that they have a BLAST, doing some things during which its remotely possible that they may hurt themselves. My theory is teach ’em how to do it as safely as possible. Even lecture a bit, watch them & talk about it often, and, then, let them enjoy themselves. I think Z can agree that my kids are pretty good at doing stuff, and pretty good at following my instructions, and it helps they are fairly athletic. I do let them go, and do, but its really not all that far. lol. Also, my health insurance carrier will testify that for a family full of non-alarmist, somewhat adrenaline-junkie, mostly male members, our record is superb. We’ve had a total of 5 emergency room visits in the last 17.5 years…and we have done some really COOL STUFF! 🙂

    As far as an ADULT WOMAN trip, I’m down wit dat. As a matter of fact…its in the works. Better start dropping hints with the hubby ,Zohrbak, cuz we are CRUISIN’ next summer.

    Then, after that we’ll get the heathen children together for a true parental worry session…for some of us anyway. I’ll let YOU decide if you want the hubbies on that trip….Zohrhubby may rule out any future kid trips if he sees my lax parenting methods. Ha!

  2. Ya-Ya says:

    I have never been on vacation and not been able to relax! I did worry about our girls, but I know they are always aware of their surroundings (atleast Teen C is). I wanted to call you and ask, was I crazy to let the girls go by themselves to the pool. I realize we have to slowly let them explore, but man was I wound tight! Little J didn’t help with his pure hatred of the sand, the ocean and the swimming pool. I love all 3. Of course, Ya-Hubby was happy to be floating in the surf or lounging in the bed watching TV, except for the “REMOTE” incident. I felt sooo bad for Tween C, but after what felt like forever (15 min) we found it in the bathroom under her tote bag, go figure..

    I’ll make a song request next time I see Little A..

    & Since I’m grounded from girls night out, I don’t know if I could get away for a girl vacation. I’ll have to start on that one really early in the game..

  3. Miz Tiz says:

    I’m loving reading about this whole series of episodes in the days of your lives. . . . .

  4. Mare says:

    Definitey need to post a video of Little A beat-boxing that little girl is hilarious. Also, if I’m invited, I would like to be included in the girls vacay trip. And YaYa I’m sorry you are grounded we just won’t tell Ya-hubby I’m going.

  5. Mother Hen loves it when all her little birdies are back in the nest too!

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