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How to Succeed (…or just not to suck) at Parenthood

So, you find yourself in a situation where you have a new baby and no experience at parenthood?  You haven’t even read the Dr. Spock books or anything?  And maybe, it’s not even your kid, or not even a little … Continue reading

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What the hell have I done with my life, anyway?

I had the pleasure of meeting up with some old friends of mine from high school Saturday night.  The occasion?  One of the guys that I went to high school with, W, was home for a two-week R&R reprieve from Iraq, where … Continue reading

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I almost lost my train of thought…

I got a special package in the mail yesterday.  My friend Quaid (Hey Q, Holla!) sent me a set of DVDs.  They were transferred from VHS tapes that were nearly 20 years old.  I thought the average life span of … Continue reading

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